In advance of Super Bowl XLVIII, I spoke with Noah Davis of Pacific Standard on Peyton Manning’s perceived lack of athleticism. I am not an expert on Peyton Manning.

Peyton Manning: More Athletic and Less Intelligent Than You Might Think [LINK].



Richard Sherman’s outburst in the NFC Championship caught the attention of the viewing public. Here’s what I had to say: all athletes are people too.

Player’s Perspective: Emotional outbursts common when camera is off [LINK].



Ryan O’Hanlon, Associate Editor at Pacific Standard, and I exchanged some thoughts on narratives and how athletes view them. We don’t hate them, necessarily.

How Narratives Cheat the Athletes Who Create Them [LINK].



I wrote about what the average experience is like for soccer players not playing in MLS or Europe. It’s not fast cars and beautiful women.

The Life of a Non-Millionaire Professional Athlete [LINK].